Cheese school

You grow your own vegetables, perhaps bake your own bread and make delicious fruit wine yourself? Then why not try making your own cheese?

It’s not that difficult:

It takes about 4-5 hours to make a tasty handmade cheese from 5 litres of organic milk. Not an original Swiss or French AOC cheese, but a fresh Weichsel that no longer needs to mature and that participants can take home immediately.

We will warm the milk with cultures example, load it, make the curd and fill it into cheese moulds.

Then we will turn the cheese wheels at certain intervals and salt them at the end. During the breaks, when the cheese has to rest a little, we will taste selected cheese specialities with baguette and wine. The participants learn all kinds of interesting facts about the production, history and differences of cheese as a product. And of course, where the holes in the cheese come from.

At the end, everyone will receive a cheese schedule for the cheese they have made (for those who like it scientific: also called a process schedule) and a few tips on where to get the necessary utensils to make cheese successfully at home.